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November 23rd, 2017. “Smart solutions: ingredients, technologies and trends in cosmetics 2018”



Vozdvizhenskoe hotel


Last week we held one of the most important events for cosmetics industry market, “Smart solutions: ingredients, technologies and trends in cosmetics 2018”.


Leko Style company invited it’s partners - European ingredients suppliers and over 100 industry professionals from all over Russia and CIS countries to join us at the “Vozdvizhenskoe” suburban park-hotel to discuss beauty market trends, prospects and set up next year’s strategies.


We try to be "at the forefront" of the latest industry marketing trends, offering innovations and advancing main patterns expansion in Russia, adapting successful European models for the local market and launching our own approaches. Our aim is to be "one step forward" the trends, helping our partners to develop their lines of successful products, thus contributing to the global development of the Russian cosmetic industry market.


“Smart solutions: ingredients, technologies and trends in cosmetics 2018” seminar was started by Maria Novozhilova, Leko Style company Chief Commercial Officer. She thanked everyone for attending the meeting, introduced Leko Style company and its employees and opened up the event.leko style seminar

Arnaud Benard, the representative of the French company Albert Vieille, made a presentation of natural essential oils and the complexity of their production process, which also include climatic, social and political risks. He also gave an introduction of Albert Vieille’s homegrown projects and capacities for bestselling natural essential oil ranges production.

Nina Makhova from the Russian branch of BASF Corporation described some "secret" ingredients that help to increase the effectiveness of hair shampoos, and the dependence of their overall action on the type of the component and the structure of hair mass.

Clare Panchoo, the representative of the Swiss company Evolva introduced Resveratrol, an innovative rejuvenating product, which helps to maintain beauty and health from inside and out. In addition to overall anti-aging effect, the product is distinguished by positive influence on bone density and cardiovascular system, brain activity and blood sugar level.

Ilya Glushnev from Leko Style company spoke about water-soluble oils and their usage in cosmetics, highlighting our recipes with water-soluble oils.

Margaret Dunn, the representative of the British company Inovia International, made a presentation of the wide range of innovative i-bases, which can be used as a basic and the main ingredient for all kinds of cosmetics and healthcare products.

Cecile Marquis, the representative of BASF Corporation introduced a range of pigments for cosmetic products, specified their types, features and application in various types of cosmetics.

Ekaterina Rusinova from the Russian branch of BASF Corporation gave a speech about UV protection cosmetics market, including latest marketing trends, most common tendencies in ingredients’ usage and popular textures.

Ekaterina Rusinova also made a presentation of facemasks category, which is the fastest growing beauty segment on the market. Ekaterina highlighted the differences in the types of masks and the latest trends in manufacturers’ offers and consumers’ preferences.

Second day of the event started with Daria Yargomskaya’s presentation on new preservatives line. Daria from Leko Style represented  LekoGuard preservatives, the new series of “green” and paraben-based preservatives, distinguished their advantages and application specifics  for different types of cosmetic products.

leko style seminar


Dario Zanichelli, the representative of the Italian company Phenbiox introduced high-performance active ingredients, plant extracts, and their application for skin nutrition.

Dario introduced the unique Molecular Bioliquefaction Technology, which an enzyme-based technology, allowing to recover 100% of the plant bioactive compounds in a completely bio-available and active form as water based liquid ingredients.



By the end of the 2nd day theoretical part, visitors of the event were invited to take part in several master-classes held by our suppliers and colleagues.

Leko Style company R’n’D department conducted a number of master classes: 

Preparing an Anti- stretch marks cream”

“Yogurt pilling formulation” based on “Skinfood concept”

Yoghurt peeling master class

anti-stretch marks cream preparing









European suppliers offered to join them for practical presentations:

   “Exotic essential oils history and smelling”

   “Preparing a product with cosmetic bases from Inovia”


essential oils smelling









Maria Novozhilova introduced the new concept of Düllberg Konzentra Gmbh fragrances with a master-class on “Fragrances global and local marketing trends, smelling and fragrance competition”.

master class

  leko style samples

Two days of the event confirmed the statement that Leko Style is not only a supplier of raw materials and ingredients, but also trends and technologies provider and creator. We help our customers to develop their products, transferring knowledge and technologies to the Russian market and advancing existing trends.

We were happy to receive excellent feedback on the event, to consider all the suggestions and requests and start developing program for the next year.

We are grateful to all our partners and customers for attending the event and looking forward to the next meetings!